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Journey: Session 1, Week 5

This week in Journey, we began preparing for our exhibition and learning about the power of economic nudges and framing.

During Genre for our exhibition, we wrote about the reason and response to the behavioral economics experiments we will present. For exhibition preparation in Quest, we have been planning our experiments display.

In our regular behavioral economics genre, we learned about the power nudges hold in behavioral economics and if this power is usually used for good or bad. A “nudge” in behavioral economics is a way to push people’s choices so they make certain decisions.

We learned about framing decisions in Quest. This means making one choice feel like a more valuable or right choice than another one. We also learned about happiness in a life of meaning and its relationship with behavioral economics.

During Civilization this week, we explored Geographical determinism. One Socratic discussion question was, “Which line of thinking do you believe in, Environmental Determinism or Environmental Possibilism?” We researched these terms and then shared our thoughts on this and other questions about Geographical Determinism.

We hiked and had free time on our forest day at the Tunnels in Alpine Scouts Camp. We had morning and closing launch, where we sat outside and drew or wrote to reflect. We also lit a campfire, where we cooked lunch all together.

Have a good weekend, and we’re excited for next week!

Written by Journey learner

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