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Journey: Session 2, Week 3

Hello everyone! It is the end of week 3, and we have made so much progress in our quest and genre. Everything is finally starting to come together, so let’s share!

Starting with Genre, we continued our work on our speeches (and they are coming along great!) On Monday, we had a challenge that helped us emphasize our taglines. We wrote our tagline on paper and decorated it as if it were a logo. Along with that challenge, we concluded our speeches. Finally, our rough drafts are complete! By mid-week, we jumped right into the feedback and revisions. We had group discussions, where we presented our rough draft in front of a few falcons, and they gave their warm and cold feedback (warm is what you think worked well and in the specch, and cold is what you believe needs some improvement.) Then, on Wednesday and Thursday, we made revisions based on the feedback we got. The falcons were challenged to consider their feedback and make some dramatic changes to their speech.

For Quest, we started the week by solving circuit equations for series and parallel circuits. It was a challenge, but we persevered through it. After we completed that, we started making a plan for our city! A plan is essential to every major project, so we ensured our ideas were clear and concise, with everybody getting tasks and deadlines. We learned in the past week that you want to make your city unique in some way. If it is just like every city, nothing stands out about it. You need to make something that people would come there for, something that your city is known for. Luckily, we have lots of creativity and can make our cities whatever theme we want!

Also, every Friday, we do an electricity bee and circuit competition. On Thursday, we prep the questions that will be asked on Friday and research them. Then, once the bee comes, Micahl randomly selects a name and question out of a bag for each squad, and they have to try to answer the question without help from anyone else. If you answer it clearly, your team gets 3 points. We didn’t have a circuit competition this week since we mainly focused on circuit equations, but in past weeks, we did some. Last week, we had to see which squad could light up the most LEDs with two 9-volt batteries on a breadboard. It was exciting to see the different methods the teams used to light up as many LEDs as possible.

For civ, we learned about The Great Depression. This is when the stock market crashed, and people lost most of their savings. This caused Americans to spend less, which decreased supply and demand. Eventually, this led to people becoming unemployed, making the Great Depression a hard time in American History.

On Thursday, the learners did hands-on projects based on The Great Depression. Watercolor art, clay sculptures, timelines, and more were made, with everyone’s projects turning out beautifully.

That is everything we did this week, including all of the projects we accomplished. Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter. Hope to see you there!

“The expert in ANYTHING was once a beginner.”

-Hellen Hayes

Written by Journey learner


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