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Journey: Session 2, Week 4

Hello Parents! Welcome to our very short and sweet week 4.

Starting with the genre, we worked on adding ethos and logos to our speeches. Logos is logic, where you add facts to your speeches from research on your topic. Then, we add ethos, which is credibility. This is where you say where you got your information from so the audience knows that what you are saying is credible.

We prepared the final steps for Quest to start building our city. On Monday, we researched about how waterfalls are related to circuits. An example of why is because the higher the waterfall is, the more water will come down. The higher you make the voltage, the higher the current will be, needing more resistance. If you have too much water coming down, it can damage the surroundings. That is why you need rocks, to break the fall of the water. Angel Falls is a single, very tall waterfall. This represents a series circuit because if you block one part of the waterfall, the whole waterfall will stop flowing. But Niagara Falls represents a parallel circuit because there are three parts to Niagara Falls. If you block one part, the other two parts will still flow!

On Tuesday, we listed our final materials list for Quest and figured out how we would power our city. Next week will be all about making our city, so join us next week for the Weekly Newsletter!

“Thankfulness is the way to joy.”

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Written by Journey Learner


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