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Journey: Session 2, Week 5

Hello everybody! We have much to cover from this week, so let’s get into it!

Starting off with Genre, we did more critiques and revisions. This week, we focused more on how to present our speeches than on the document itself. We got together with our groups and read our speeches aloud. Then, we got feedback and listed what we would do next to improve.

Something else we are doing for Genre is slimming down our speeches. A lot of the time in writing, you will go on and on repeating the same facts over and over again. We want to be clear and concise with the speeches, so we also worked hard this week to cut our speeches to 500 words!

Now for Quest! We finally started building our cities this week. Every squad has a different theme for their city, and we got to work on making the buildings. Since we only have around two weeks to do this, everyone has to work on their time management to make sure they can get everything done on time. We absolutely can’t wait until all of the cities are done, and we are very excited for all of you to see it!

Finally, let’s talk about civ! This week, we learned about Carl Schmitt.

Carl Schmitt was a political theorist whose work mainly focused on the nature of politics, law, and religion. Carl Schmitt is mainly known for coming up with the concept of The Political. Politics is about the contrast between friend and enemy. The Political is created when two different groups of people with certain values meet. So, Carl Schmitt believed that politics was all about friends and enemies, similar to good vs evil. His main question was, “Can we only function politically if we fight our enemy?”

Thank you so much for reading this week’s newsletter. All the learners have been working so hard, and there have been many times when everyone has wanted to give up, but we have been persevering through everything. Don't give up if you, the person reading this, are struggling with something. Keep working at it, and all your hard work will pay off!

“Fall seven times and stand up eight.”

- Japenese Proverb

Written by Journey learner

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