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Journey: Session 3, Week 2

Welcome back to Journey’s Weekly Newsletter! Let's dive into what has happened in the past week.

In this week's Genre, we talked about things that have inspired us and mentioned our family's traditions and values. For the challenge, we had to meditate, and we had to read three poems that were about sadness, anger, and another about happiness.

For Civilization, the topic was the Atomic bombs. We discussed the ways we would have used such a dangerous weapon back in World War ll and if we would have done the same thing as the people who decided to use the Atomic Bomb.

We discussed more about the McCarthy trials in Quest. For Wednesday's challenge, some of us started to prepare for the upcoming Exhibition and chose people who were present when the McCarthy trials were happening to role-play them.

Last session, we had a game where whoever made it to the finish line at the end of the 2nd session would go to the movie theaters. So on Tuesday, many saw the new film “Wonka.” Thursday was a special day for a very special journey learner, Ava A since it was her birthday! To celebrate, we had delicious homemade cupcakes and played Kahoot.

And that includes what happened this past week; make sure not to miss next week's newsletter!

Written by Journey Learner

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