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Journey: Session 3, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of Session 3; here is what happened this week.

 For Genre, we delved into the other factors that gratitude brings with it, and we started prepping for the exhibition and bringing the genre challenges that we did for this session into one rough draft. 

On Thursday, for Civilization, we had the choice of discussing irrational socialism or doing a hands-on project—meaning we got creative and made something on the topic we were learning about. With clay, pictures, paintings, and more, we created artwork that went with the topics of the Holocaust and the bombing at Hiroshima.

For Quest, many of us picked the characters we would play in the final McCarthy trials. We will act as public figures who participated in the McCarthy trials, such as Harry Truman, Senator Margaret Chase, Oppenheimer, and others.

We did the Storytelling game for team-building games, where a topic is chosen, and everyone has to tell a story related to that topic that happened to them. The catch is there are two liars, and everyone has to guess who they are. We also played Telephone, where one by one, we whispered a word to the next person until it reached the last person in the room, who had to say it aloud. Sometimes, the word at the end is an entirely different word chosen in the beginning, and it never fails to make everyone smile. 

 That concludes what happened this week. Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter!

Written by Journey Learner

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