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Journey: Session 4, Week 4

Hello everyone, and welcome to week 4 of session 4! This week was quite busy, so let us dive in.

For starters, for Genre, we did more critiques of our scripts for the podcasts. In this week’s Genre, we paired up, looked at each other’s work, and wrote down warm and cool feedback for each other, listing the things that could be improved. Then, we worked on our revisions. Most of the things that we improved were spelling, making things shorter, and making our writing more passionate and precise. On Monday, we reflected on what points and sections of our scripts showed enthusiasm and what sections were weaker so that we could also change those.

On to Quest. We were mainly focused on increasing our knowledge of coding. The learners who chose drones focused mainly on deepening their skill in coding the drone and emphasized having more structure when controlling it. As for the learners who decided to create video games, they mainly concentrated on growing their skills in computer coding. On Wednesday, we all came together to have a small group debate on this topic: “ Do you believe a computer that can only answer yes/no questions will ever be able to think like a human?” Learners gave fascinating answers, and both sides of the argument had good points.

For Civ, on Tuesday, we discussed the rise of the East Asian Tigers, which included Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea. We put ourselves in different shoes, like being the Minister of Finance in the emerging Singapore of the 1960s and 70s, Minister of Commerce of South Korea, and others, and we talked about what we would have done in their place back then. And on Thursday, we talked about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Was it an unavoidable situation, and will we see something of a similar scale happen in the future?

For team-building games, we had the challenge of going into the woods and collecting as many branches and logs as possible, using the wood to make a tower. When our tower was finished, we were given a ball to balance at the top of our branchy and poky pillar. Whichever team had the highest tower and could balance the ball on the top was the winner. We also had another team-building game, which included toilet paper. We had a few minutes to wrap one of our teammates head to toe in toilet paper. Some people perhaps had too much fun when mummifying their classmates, though that game brought quite a bit of laughter and joy.

That is all for this week’s newsletter. Stay tuned for the next!

Written by a Journey learner

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