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Journey: Session 4, Week 6

Hello, everyone, and welcome to week 6 of session 4! It was quite an eventful week, so let's dive in.

We kicked off the week with a thrilling adventure at High Exposure. Our time there was filled with exhilarating activities like climbing, jumping, running, and even a game of Capture the Flag in the dark using Nerf guns. It was a fun experience that we all thoroughly enjoyed!

For Genre, we presented the podcasts that we worked very hard on throughout this session at the exhibition to our parents and friends! Last week, we were paired in groups to greenlight each other's podcasts before they were sent to the studio competition, where each podcast was judged by five parents—experts. They decided which podcast won first place. Zohar’s time travel podcast was the winning one, and those who attended the exhibition listened to it. It was funny and exciting and earned applause.

Now, for Quest. At the exhibition, we were split into two groups. One group showed the obstacle courses that they made for their drones. As for the other group, they showed the video games that they made for their friends and family to both observe and play. The drones were programmed to fly, flip, and go through the obstacles with hoops, spikes, cardboard houses, and more. And for the video games, a couple of the learners coded games that included target shooting. It was a challenging task, but after much effort and overcoming past failed programming, it was a fun and successful experience that left us all feeling accomplished.

For this week’s Civ, we were all mainly focused on compiling every one of our civ challenges from this session and placing each one into a document for the badge. Both at home and school, we focused on finishing it, ensuring it was our very best work before we got it approved and audited at school.

We ended the exhibition with a fun trivia game about topics closely related to what we had learned in this past session. We were split into three groups. The game was a close competition, with each team showcasing their knowledge and quick thinking. In the end, team #3 emerged as the winner, but all teams did a fantastic job. We also had 360 feedback on Thursday, where we rated each other for civility, intentionality, and promoting the studio as a learner-driven community.

That is all for this week’s newsletter; enjoy the break!

Written by a Journey learner

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