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Journey: Session 5, Week 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 1st week of session 5! I hope everyone enjoyed the break. There’s lots to cover for this week, so let us get to it.

For Genre, we began our apprenticeship preparation. We were challenged to find what careers we would want to do an apprenticeship in to get an idea of whether or not we liked the setting and the occupation. We asked friends and family what our talents are so that we could have an idea of what types of professions fit our skill range.

Now for Quest, it was preparation for creating a website! This week, we brainstormed ideas for some names, logos, and services. Then, we also figured out if we would use anything we made from the business fair to put on our website. Would the products we featured on our website be cheaper and better than others? And would our services be good and welcoming to potential customers?

And finally, the Children's Business Fair! For this session, we do not have Civ, but instead, we have the children’s business fair, which will be held in mid-May. We came up with ideas for what to sell, coming up with at least five different products. We got feedback from other falcons about which of the five options would be good products for the business fair. Journey learners also made a plan for themselves, including what materials they would need, how long it would take them to make their products, and how they would design their booths to attract customers.

For this session, we have a new game: The Civility Game. There is a form with everyone's name. Each day, every learner chooses the person they believe was the kindest that day. Whoever gets voted as being kind moves up on a board. There are also special cups where people can put in character callouts for others, and whoever gets at least 3 in their cup moves forward. In the end, there will be a prize for the people who make it to the end of the game.

That concludes the newsletter. Stay tuned for the next!

Written by a Journey learner

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