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Journey: Session 5, Week 3

Hello everyone, and welcome to week 3 of session 5! It was an interesting week, so let's get to it.

For this week’s genre, everyone began to research three different places where they wanted to do an apprenticeship and wrote a draft email to at least two of the places. Many looked into animal rescues, bakeries, filming studios, and many more for potential places to do an apprenticeship. Next week, we will finish the draft emails, get them greenlighted, and finally send them to the places.

Now, for Quest. On Tuesday, we used a template to create an interview script to understand the point of view of our potential customers, and afterward, we were given feedback by the partners we were assigned. We also prepared questions to ask discovery learners about our products and ideas and answered any questions they had. And on Wednesday, learners were given a challenge to make two draft storyboards and two pitches for the business fair. The pitches were 200+ words, and they included information on the reasons why people should buy the products, the story of how the learners got inspired to make those products, and more details about what the prices were. On Thursday, learners were critiqued by their squads, and on Friday, they revised their pitches based on the feedback given.

And now, the Children's Business Fair. This week's main focus was still preparing our products and business posters. We asked for feedback from other learners on what looked good and what didn’t, as well as whether the price for some of the products was too high or too low. Some learners also tried using their products on others, such as henna and magic tricks.

For team-building games, there has been a game that the studio has been playing throughout this session called “Beat that Champ”. Everyone is given fun challenges such as getting two rolling dice out of a cup with chopsticks, catching ping pong balls in cups, and much, much more, and anyone who won some of the rounds got points. On Thursday, we counted all the points to find who the game's champion was, and it was Shahar, who was then given a crown to walk around with for the rest of the day.

That concludes this week's newsletter; stay tuned for the next!

Written by a Journey learner

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