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Journey: Session 5, Week 4

Hello everyone, and welcome to week 4 of session 5! It was an incredibly eventful week, so let us get to it.

During this past week, there were definitely things that were different than a normal week at Acton. Learners from the age ranges of 13 to 15 who were interested in going to our newly formed high school next year were invited to go on a trip to Texas to view the Launchpad of Austin. They spent two days with the Austin learners, examining the differences between Journey and Launchpad and asking any questions they had for the Texan learners and their guide. As part of the Austin experience, the Falcon went on a fantastic team-building adventure to complete Austin's most challenging escape room: “Prison Break.” With 60 minutes to complete it, they ended with only 1 second to spare—a close call.

Not everyone is ready to graduate yet, and the learners who remained in New Jersey also had plenty of work ahead of them.

For Genre, Journey finished their apprenticeship email drafts and critiqued one another. We made sure to find things in each other's drafts, no matter how small or big, as long as it helped make them sound better. Once we made the changes and got greenlighted by a learner, they were sent to Michal for a final quality check. On Thursday, we made a draft phone pitch, including the elements of why we were calling, our thanks and gratitude, and reasons for why they should accept our request to do an apprenticeship with them. 

For Quest, learners have begun to make their website! We created it on the WIX platform and combined what we had made during this week and last—pricing for products, the storyboard of our merchandise, and what inspired us to make them. We were then grouped into pairs to critique each other’s websites, getting feedback from our squads. 

That is all for this week's newsletter; stay tuned for the next!

Written by a Journey learner

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