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Journey: Session 6, Week 2

This week was super fun, and we had many exciting new things going on. On Wednesday, we got to attend the Acton Olympics. We also had Discovery learners moving to Journey shadowing the studio this week.

This week in genre we got to read some new fables and break them down to learn their real message. On Tuesday, we got to choose from a list of Acton causes, a topic we would be excited to work on. Some examples are: “Should freedom of speech, press, and association be unlimited or restricted for the good of the community?” or “Should those who struggle most have to sacrifice to pay equally to support the community, or should those who can do more contribute a larger share?” After we chose one, we had to create a few political slogans regarding the questions we decided. 

Now, the highlight of our week, the Acton Olympics! Everyone in AABC had such a blast playing sports, socializing, and building better teamwork. If you don't know, the Acton Olympics is an annual event where a bunch of Actons nearby come together to compete in a series of sports. We had the opportunity to play 7 different sports: tug of war, kickball, basketball, soccer, short run, relay race, and two-hand touch. This year, the Olympics was hosted by Acton Morristown, and there were 6 Actons, including us, competing against each other. Even though it was competitive as always we still had fun talking and socializing with other Actons and of course doing our best to be a good sport, because even if we didn't win we had fun!

On Thursday, we had 4 discovery learners join us for two days to get a feel for what it's like moving up to Journey. They got a shadowing partner who taught them everything they needed to know like our system, schedule, and what our badges are like. They also got to experience what our launches are like compared to Discovery and how much more freedom is given to them here. 

Lastly, Quest. You may know about how the falcons get the chance to create their own quest challenges and launches. This week, on Thursday and Friday, we got to do Eitan, Zohar, Sophie, and Shahar's detective quest, where we had to be detectives in a murder mystery. 

In conclusion, this week was super fun and we all had a great time, working hard and building our teamwork skills!

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