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Journey: Session 6, Week 3

As usual, this week was full of new and fun things. We started working on D&D Quest, began researching genre, and had a new learner join us for a few days. So, let's begin a recap of our week!

To start, I will tell you more about the D & D Quest that Sasha and Tommy led. Sasha and Tommy created challenges and launches for the other learners to experience on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Everybody learned how to play this game, and they got to create their own characters and backstory for one of the challenges. Learning about D&D was great for all the learners, even if they had never thought they would be interested in something like that. Everyone still had a blast and got to work together, sharing their characters and helping each other.

The genre of the session was political white paper. At the beginning of the session, we focused on analyzing fables like The Three Little Pigs or The Little Red Hen, but now that we're getting further into the session, it's getting a little bit more challenging. Learners had to choose a cause, Such as “Should freedom of speech be limited for the good of the community?” Then, we began researching and creating a white paper on our topic. We researched and found sources that supported our opinion and took notes on them to gain a deeper understanding.

And now you've probably been wondering who the new learner was. This week, a learner joined us for three days to see how he liked Acton. He got to participate in launches, challenges, and core skills, learning more about our system and the badges.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this quick recap of our week! See you next week!

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