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Sparks: Session 4, Week 5

Greetings Sparks Tribe Families!

We've just wrapped up an electrifying fifth week of Session 4, filled with excitement, exploration, and plenty of inspiration. Here's a recap of our adventures:

🕺 Monday: Dancing Delights - We kicked off the week with a burst of energy as we watched a sensational seven-year-old breakdancer named B-Boy Malloy in action! The Sparks Tribe was utterly inspired by the performance, igniting a newfound passion for dance. In response, they eagerly began practicing their own moves in preparation for next week's exhibition.

🌌 Tuesday: Voyage to Outer Space - Our curious minds embarked on a cosmic journey, delving into the mysteries of outer space. From pondering distant galaxies to contemplating the extreme temperatures of the cosmos, the Sparks Tribe's imaginations soared to new heights.

💪 Wednesday: Confronting Inner Fears - It was a day of introspection as we delved into the depths of inner space. Together, we confronted fears and insecurities head-on, empowering each other to overcome obstacles and embrace our strengths.

🥚 Fitness Friday Fun - We rounded off the week with an egg-cellent morning launch! The Sparks Tribe engaged in an exhilarating egg spoon race, showcasing their resilience and teamwork in action.

🚀 Upcoming Adventures - Get ready for an exciting field trip next Thursday as we venture to the Liberty Science Center! Prepare to immerse yourselves in a world of discovery and wonder.

Let's keep the spark alive as we embark on our final week of Session 4!

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