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Sparks: Session 5, Week 3

Greetings, Sparks Tribe and Families! It’s been an enriching journey filled with exploration, learning, and discovery this week; let’s take a look at what the Sparks were up to.

Market Monday: Unraveling the Mystery of Money

To kick off the week, Sparks delved into the fascinating world of currency and commerce. We explored the invention of money across various civilizations through an engaging video session. Sparks pondered over what materials they would use if tasked with creating their own currency, sparking creative and imaginative discussions.

Tulip Tuesday: Seeds of Wisdom

On Tulip Tuesday, Sparks delved into the lifecycle of a strawberry plant. Through a mesmerizing time-lapse video, we witnessed the journey from seed to fruit-bearing plant. Discussions ensued on the value of investing effort in the present for future rewards. Additionally, Sparks began crafting signage for their upcoming participation in the Children’s Business Fair, adding a tangible aspect to their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Wondrous Wednesday: Unlocking the Power of Secrets

Wednesday was dedicated to delving deep into the concept of secrets. Sparks engaged in thought-provoking discussions on why certain information should be kept confidential, fostering an environment of trust and understanding within our tribe.

Business Thursday: Navigating Entrepreneurial Waters

Thursday saw Sparks exploring the intricacies of entrepreneurship. We tackled various adversities that business owners may encounter and brainstormed strategies to overcome them, fostering resilience and adaptability among our budding entrepreneurs.

Floral Friday: Blooming Creativity

Wrapping up the week on a creative note, Soraya led an enchanting session on flowers. Sparks indulged in an exhilarating origami lesson, learning how to craft delicate blooms out of paper. It was a delightful way to conclude the week, celebrating creativity and the beauty of nature.

As we bid adieu to another eventful week, let’s carry the lessons learned and the memories made forward on our journey of growth and discovery. Until next week, keep sparking joy and curiosity!

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