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Journey: Session 6, Week 1

This week was the first session, and it was filled with great team-building games, new and different quest challenges, and fun genre challenges about political fables. 

Let’s start with Genre. In this session, our genre is political fables, so we got two classic fables to read for both of our challenges. Then we answered a few questions like “What is the moral of this story?” and “If you could read one of these stories to your children, which one would you choose?” We read The Three Little Pigs and The Little Red Hen on Wednesday. Then, on Thursday, we read two great Dr. Suess stories, Yertle the Turtle and Horton Hatches an Egg. Even though these children’s stories seem like children's tales you just read for fun, this week, we discovered the deeper meaning behind these stories.

Everyone had a blast during team-building games, and one game in particular was a favorite. On Tuesday, Aleks led the teambuilding game. We were separated into groups of 4 and had materials to protect a water balloon. Then, we all dropped them off a ledge and tried to ensure the balloon didn't pop. Each team got pipe cleaners, tin foil, plastic straws, and tape. The teams did a great job working together and finding the best way to protect their water balloon; it was also a fun activity for everyone.

This session's quest is really like no other they have done before. Each falcon had the opportunity to create their own quest challenges about things they are passionate about. Some of the different topics chosen were the history of fashion, medical quests, photography, and dunguns and dragons. Such differnt topics! This week, they brainstormed, got feedback, and started creating their very own launch about their topic!

Last but not least, Civ. This session’s Civ is called Modern Concerns and Vietnam, but this week, we focused on Mao’s China and its cultural revelation. After doing research and some writing, we had a great discussion with Socratic questions about Mao China. The second challenge this week was about Birmingham and Martin Luther King Jr. 

That's about it for this week, but we look forward to seeing what this session brings. Thank you for reading; see you next week!

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