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Sparks: Session 6, Week 4

Dear Sparks Families,

Welcome to the fourth week of our final session! It's been an exhilarating journey of exploration and discovery for our Sparks, filled with creativity, learning, and unforgettable moments.

Memory Monday saw our Sparks unleashing their artistic talents as they crafted postcards for their friends. Each postcard was a masterpiece, brimming with imagination and personal touches. It was heartwarming to see the joy these creations brought to everyone.

On Tinkering Tuesday, our Sparks were amazed by young Clark Kent surpassing Michael Phelps' swimming record. The spirit of achievement and determination resonated deeply with our young learners, inspiring them to set their own ambitious goals.

Wednesday was a day of introspection and appreciation for creativity. Sparks watched a video about a child painter whose artwork sold for an astounding $300,000. This sparked a profound discussion about self-worth and the value of their own creativity—an important lesson in understanding the power of their artistic expression.

Thunderous Thursday brought awe-inspiring moments as Sparks learned about the majestic force of monsoons through a captivating video. The raw power of nature left everyone in wonder, prompting lively discussions about weather preferences and favorite seasons among the group.

We wrapped up our week with Forest Friday, where Sparks ventured into the woods to find inspiration for storytelling. Imaginations ran wild as they crafted tales around objects discovered in nature, fostering creativity and a deeper connection to the environment.

Looking ahead, please remember that water-play will be a daily activity for the remainder of the school year. Kindly ensure your children come prepared with extra clothes or attire suitable for water play to fully enjoy these fun experiences.

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