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Discovery: Session 1, Week 5

Here at Acton, we encourage growth and this week was filled with plenty of opportunities to grow. Monday we kicked off with a launch based on “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstone and the learners shared their thoughts and opinions on who was the hero of the story. This discussion segued into more discussions later on in the week about the importance of failure. Some of the questions we discussed were, “ Do you learn more from failure or success?” or “Are you motivated more by the fear of failure or the desire to succeed?”.

This week during their time at maker-space the learners continued building their bridges and started testing how much weight the bridges can hold. One of the bridges was able to hold 25 lbs, can you believe it? Some of the bridges crumbled but the learners are not giving up and will brainstorm some more on how to make a stronger bridge. In art, the learners continued to work together creating miniatures with cardboard and the art supplies. For Writer’s Workshop we discussed the different parts of an email (subject, greetings, body, and closings) and the learners practiced writing emails to different people. .

The town hall for this week was completely led by our learners. They discussed whether you can give a warning to a learner during meditation, or is it too distracting and also if they should be able to use the stools or not during circles.

The learners are loving the Game-Journey Quest! This week they moved on to level 2. At the beginning of every quest period the learners plan what they are going to play, and it helps them reach to flow as a group while playing. Some of the favorite games of level 2 include Rummikub, Dragon Woods, 3D puzzles, Master Mind and checkers.


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