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Discovery: Session 6, Week 5

All our morning launches this week were created and led by our Falcons! It was inspiring to see our learners take the initiative, pick a passionate topic, and facilitate an excellent Socratic discussion about it. We had a launch about the art of photography, a launch about a strategy to trick the brain into believing an item is more expensive than its actual value, and two conundrum dilemmas.

Our Quest this week was all about concluding the year. The Falcons who led the Quest created three challenges to help the learners remember the past year and reflect on it. The first challenge was to create a collage with pictures from previous sessions. The second challenge was a scavenger hunt in the studio with clues related to funny and vital events throughout the year. The last challenge was creating a memory book with reflection questions about the year.

The Falcons worked hard this week on editing and approving their poems for Writer’s Workshop. We watched the video Writing Peer Review (Peer Critique) TOP 10 Mistakes, and the Falcons debated which mistake they usually make and how they can avoid it.

In WoodWorking, most of the learners finished their cars and are getting ready for the Falcon race that will take place next week. Check the weekly photos to see some of the great designs our Falcons created!

On Thursday, we had our first graduation ceremony! Since Sienna will not attend the official ceremony next week, we celebrated her graduation this week in the studio. The learners shared how Sienna inspired them or what lesson they learned from her, and Sienna read a speech she wrote to summarize her time in the Discovery studio. Congratulations Sienna!

Our learners are working hard to prepare for the End-of-the-year event next week.

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