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Discovery: Session 6, Week 4

On Tuesday morning, we watched the video telling the inspiring story of Maayan Segal, who invented a new deck of cards that resembles females and males equally. We asked the learners whether they think the problem Maayan was trying to solve is essential or not. They also debated the most inspiring element of Maayan’s project: Coming with the idea of changing the card, creating a business out of her vision, raising 518,000$ dollars in her campaign, or doing everything at such a young age.

Our Quest this week was inspired by nature. Two learners led this quest and created a diverse experience, including research on trees, art with leaves, building a birdhouse, and exploring the world of crystals.

For Writer’s workshop, the learners started the feedback process, and they are working hard to finish all their poems before the end of the year.

In woodworking, some learners finished sawing their cars and added the wheels this week. Some learners are still working on cutting and sanding their wood pieces and learn a lot through this process.

For art, the learners created their decorated bandanas for the Olympics! The Falcons chose between tie-dye or decorate with fabric markers.

The biggest event of the week was the Acton Olympics! Both studios took the bus to Acton Verona, met learners from three different Actons, and put their best effort into competing in various sports: running, relay race, sack race, volleyball, and kick ball. The learners enjoyed BBQ for lunch and had an exciting day overall!

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