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Discovery: Session 1, Week 6

The last week of the first session came to its end, and it was an intense one!

On Monday morning, the learners started planning their exhibition. Every session in AABC ends with an exhibition that is almost 100% led and organized by the learners. We watched a short video of an exhibition from a different Acton and then had a long discussion to figure out how our first exhibition will look like. The learners decided who will be the exhibition hosts, and the hosts worked very hard throughout the week to prepare their text and practice it. On Monday afternoon, we had the last period of the Game-Journey Quest, and each squad was able to play new games from level 2 and 3.

On Tuesday morning, we had a great discussion about squad leaders. The learners debated Which type of a squad leader they would rather have in Acton: tough-minded, holding them accountable, or a more warm-hearted one. On Wednesday morning, all the learners that want to be a squad leader next session nominated themselves, and each learner picked three learners from this list. We will announce the new squads at the beginning of the next session.

In the Writer's workshop, the learners were working on their final letters to their hero. After finishing the first draft, each learner got feedback from two other learners and then changed the letter according to the feedback. The process of giving and receiving feedback is an important skill, and the learners practice it daily.

On Wednesday, the Discovery studio went on a field trip to the farm. They planted vegetables, pet and fed the chickens at the farm, heard about beekeeping, and enjoyed the farm’s beautiful landscape.

On Thursday, we had a Halloween party that was all planned by the learners. They decorated mini pumpkins, made slime and lava lamps, and ended with coke and Mentos eruption. The learners were able to dress up with costumes and enjoyed this day a lot!

It was great seeing you all in our exhibition today. Thank you for coming! Enjoy the break and see you in session 2!

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