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Discovery: Session 2, Week 1

This week we began working on some new projects! On Monday we started our morning launch by watching this video and getting some inspiration from Ryan Hreljac. We had an interesting discussion whether Ryan changed the world or not, and what gave him motivation to start his project at age 6 years old.

In this session we began our Acton Athens Quest: the learners go on a journey to discover the ways of Ancient Greece. In our launch, we had a Socratic Discussion on whether it is better to travel into the future or to travel into the past in order to change the world. As the learners embark on this new quest they will have a deeper understanding of the variety aspects of Greece: Art, History, Mythology, Science and Philosophy. For PE the learners will be participating in the AABC-Olympic! Instead of competing against each other they will be competing against themselves to beat their high scores in various sports. This week we started with running on Tuesday and Thursday.

In art, we began working on string art. You can take a look at the weekly photos to see some of the learners’ works. In the makerspace the learners began working on rubber band boats: they partnered up and created plans to see which unique boats could float and move across the water. This was a challenge however there were a lot of boats that made it to the other side.

For Writer’s Workshop this session the learners will create two picture books. This week we started by reading and exploring some picture books and we discussed the 5 elements of plot structure to create a map for the first story. The Talent Show is a great opportunity to showcase some of the learners’ hidden skills, this session they will have time during the weekly schedule to practice for their show that will take place during the end of the session exhibition.

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