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Discovery: Session 2, Week 2

This week started with a launch telling the famous story about Socrates and the three sieves (Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?). We discussed which sieve could help the learners the most and how they can use this tool in their life at home or in the studio. On Tuesday Launch, we tried to recognize if the learners have a Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset in different areas of life (reading skills, body image and look, sports, etc.). Some brave learners shared the inner talk they have in their minds when they have a Fixed mindset, and it was an excellent opportunity for all of them to get to be more familiar with their unique minds.

In our Athens Quest, the learners were challenged to create a timeline of significant events in Ancient Greece. The learners also participated in a Socratic Smashdown: each week, we make a debate about different topics, and the learners get to practice their critical thinking and discussion skills. This week’s smash-down fit perfectly with our current events, as it was on democracy. The learners debated whether the privilege to vote should be given to everyone or only to the ones who are familiar with the candidates and understands their opinions and different agendas. This was followed by another question: whether citizens under the age of 18 should be eligible to vote? I invite you to have those discussions at home with your learners!

This week's challenge for the AABC Olympics was Throwing Debbie. The learners tried to throw Debbie as far as possible in the parking lot, and we documented their results to see future improvements.

Last week the learners used styrofoam and thumbtacks to create a prototype of their string art. Those who finished their string art on styrofoam moved on to their string art on wood. Using a hammer and nails was challenging; however, the learners worked hard to create their masterpieces. In the writer’s workshop, the learners have continued mapping out their stories, and a few have begun writing. We can not wait for you to hear these creative storybooks. Preparing for the talent show has become a time of discovery as the learners continue to figure out which talent they want to showcase at the front.

Next week we plan to start a 10-days challenge of gratitude, getting ready for Thanksgiving!

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