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Discovery: Session 2, Week 7

On Monday, we had a morning launch about Amelia Earheart. The learners had a Socratic discussion focused on equality when it comes to men and women. Amelia Earheart believed that women must try to do things as men have tried, and the learners elaborated on how they felt about this statement. Starting this week, we will get an opportunity to engage with current events in morning launches. The first event we discussed this week was Nichole Jamelo’s spinal reconstruction; her surgeon Dr. Yi Yang took a significant risk by performing her surgery, and now Nichole can walk. The conversation was about taking risks and recognizing self-worth.

Athens Quest is coming to an end. This week some of the activities the learners worked on were the Greek Alphabet, making sculptures, and creating musical instruments. For Quest’s launch, we talked about Plato’s allegory of the Cave, and the learners debated what they would sacrifice in order to discover the truth. In makerspace, the learners worked hard on their light pyramids, and in art, we started creating different projects out of yarn like pom-poms and finger-knitted snakes. Almost all the Writer’s Workshop stories are just about ready to be published after getting feedback and editing work. The learners have been working very diligently in accomplishing this milestone.

As this session comes to an end, the learners are busy preparing for the upcoming exhibition.

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