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Discovery: Session 3, Week 2

During the last weeks, more learners have been courageous and taking the lead in facilitating morning launches. On Tuesday, one of the learners led a discussion of reflection on 2020. The learners shared their best moment of 2020, their most challenging moment of 2020, and what important lesson they learned this year.

Edison’s Lab Quest began with a series of water challenges. The first challenge was to create a water wheel and the second one was to add a pulley system to it. The last mission is to use the water wheel to generate electricity. These challenges can be difficult, and the instructions are not very specific on purpose.

Our Socratic launches for Quest this week were focused on what it means to have a high tolerance for ambiguity and how you deal with the frustration that comes when you fail or do not know where to go.

Every Wednesday at 11 am, we have Civilization on the schedule. This is the time we read Volume 2 of “The Story of the World” by Susan Wise Bauer. The book has topics of the Middle Ages, and it tells the history in form of a story. By the end of each chapter, we have a Socratic discussion related to what we read.

In this session, we have Music as a special once a week! The learners can choose from three categories: songwriting, choreography, and learning how to play an instrument. The learners were very excited to express themselves with music, and we are looking forward to hearing and seeing their creations.

For Writer's Workshop, the learners are challenged to write and produce their podcasts. This week the learners listened to different podcasts to brainstorm ideas for their podcasts.

For PE, we started our basketball segment. The learners practice dribbling and shooting, then they play five-minute games.

As you can see, we have many new adventures in this session. Enjoy the long weekend, and we will see you back on Tuesday!

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