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Discovery: Session 3, Week 4

On Wednesday, one of the learners led a morning launch about attachments. One of the questions that created an engaging discussion was: “Imagine two people whose favorite food is potato. One person eats a potato every day, and the other eats a potato once a year. Who enjoys the potatoes the most and why? On Tuesday, our leadership morning launch was focused on the different challenges of being a leader. We discussed which tactic is most useful for motivating people: encouraging others or leading by example. Our civ discussions are becoming more in-depth as we read through the chapters. Chapter four was about the Byzantine Empire and one of their famous rulers: Justinian, the just emperor.

For Art this week, the learners had two options: to create a collage out of different materials in the studio or to create an art piece representing their experience in the year of pandemic.

For one of Quest’s launches, we asked the learners this question: Imagine being the leader of a developing, emerging country. If you had to choose between bringing electricity to everyone in your country or bringing them clean water, which would you choose? Why? This week’s challenges were to light up a LED light using potatoes and create a homemade battery out of pennies.

For the writer’s workshop, the learners finished writing their scripts for their podcast. Many chose to dedicate their Core Skills time in the morning to work on the script to make sure they would finish it on time.

We ended this week with a party! The learners have been working diligently to keep the studio clean. Every time studio maintenance ends on time, the learners earn a point. After 10 points, they get a party! We had many discussions about the party theme and planning, and eventually, they decided to create a Kahoot and karaoke party.


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