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Discovery: Session 3, Week 5

One of the highlights of our morning launches this week was discussing the word “kid”: the learners expressed their stance on how they feel about being called a kid. Here at AABC, we believe that the word ‘kid’ is demeaning, and we choose not to use it in the studio. We see the learners as young people in their hero’s journey, and we want our language to reflect that.

For our current-event morning launch, we discussed an article about the loss of trees due to wildfires. The learners had an insightful discussion regarding global warming and why this problem was not solved during the last 50 years.

During Civilization, we finished reading the chapter about the Byzantine Empire and moved on to the Medieval Indian Empire. One of the most intense discussions was about this question: “As an ordinary farmer in the Indian Empire, would it upset you that the Gupta dynasty has held power for so long that there is no opportunity for people outside the Gupta family to have a chance at the ruling, Or would you be okay with it as long as they were doing a good job?”

For Quest, the learners began their independent projects. They can choose to create anything they want as long as it has an electric circuit as part of their creation. In Wednesday’s launch for Quest, we debated this question: “Imagine you were in a position of power, making decisions about the power grid. Which would you prioritize: getting more affordable electricity to more people or securing the grid against failure or intentional harm?”

In Writers Workshop, the learners finished getting and giving feedback about their script, and they are moving forward to recording their podcast on Soundtrap. We tried to figure out the essential element for a good podcast in the launch: reading the text in a clear voice or adding sound effects.

The launch for music was a Socratic discussion regarding the importance of music in movies. We watched the New Hope scene in the movie Star Wars, and we compared the version with music and without music.

The learners started planning the exhibition next week, and we can not wait to see you there!

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