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Discovery: Session 4, Week 2

On Monday, we discussed what excellence means in AABC and how we can measure greatness without grades. Five learners volunteered to be on the excellence committee, and they will be responsible for approving the learners’ work and keep the studio’s standards high. The committee will meet regularly to attain different skills and discuss their challenges while doing their job.

For art this week, the learners created snow globes. The process included creating mini-figures from clay, hardening them in the oven, gluing them to the jar, and adding water and glitter. The final products came out different from each other and creative.

The Socratic launch for music focused on acapella singing; one of the questions was, “What is the hardest part of singing acapella? Memorizing the lyrics, Other people listening only to your voice, or finding different ways of being creative with your voice. The learners were courageous enough to express their fears and explain what their panic zones were.

For the writer's workshop launch, we saw this video and talked about creating a story map. In this session, we added two new questions to the story map: What elements of magic do you plan to add to your story, and What is the transformation the main character had at the end of the story. The learners will get their story maps approved by the excellence committee and then move forward to write their stories according to the plan.

In Civilization, we had a lively discussion about the question: “Is it always wrong to steal?” The learners brought fascinating reasoning for both sides and convinced each other to move from one opinion to another.

For Quest, we watched this video, and the learners were introduced to the concept of slow thinking and fast thinking. The learners kept practice playing chess with each other or using, and on Friday, we gave awards for learners who made significant progress. Next week the learners will begin the first round of their chess tournament.

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