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Discovery: Session 5, Week 4

For our morning launches this week, we want to highlight one of our learners who did her third Socratic launch. She had an exciting discussion about animal shelters and the different ways we can help stray animals. Another learner creates his dilemma about pizza delivery time, and the Falcons are still talking about it days later.

The learners have enjoyed this learner-driven style of art learning and have created some fantastic artwork this session. This week we focused on Yayoi Kasama, a Japanese artist and loves working with polka dots.

We finished reading about the Maori in New Zealand, and the learners created their boomerangs from popsicle sticks for Civilization. They modeled them after the Aborigines, who used non-returning boomerangs that were shaped like a cross.

For chocolate making this week, the learners had to make some million-dollar choices for their chocolate company. One of the questions they had to answer was:

Imagine you get an opportunity to open up your chocolate shop; which partner would you choose and why:

  • Your best friend who started the idea with you but understands nothing about how to run a business

  • A stranger who has a lot of history in business but has no desire to be your friend

  • Your dad is willing to give you 65% of the money to start the business, but he may make some decisions you disagree with

We began Writer’s Workshop on Thursday by listening to “Thank You, Mr. Falker” by Patricia Polacco. Patricia is a celebrated author who struggled with reading as a child. The learners debated whether memoirs should include only happy memories or also memories of struggle or pain.

The Children’s Business Fair is around the corner, and the Falcons have been working hard on their plans. On competition Island, the learners had an opportunity to play the coffee shop game, which helped them practice inventory, pricing, and customer service.

For our Hero’s visit this week, we had Orit Strulson, a real estate agent, come in. We learned so much about her story and what she does as an entrepreneur. Thank you, Orit, for sharing your hero’s journey with us.

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