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Discovery: Session 5, Week 6

We have come to the end of the final week of the 5th Session. This week in the studio, the Falcons wrapped up the last parts of their projects in Quest and Writer’s Workshop.

Tuesday’s morning launch was about the fifth step of the hero’s journey: finding your allies and helpers. The learners discussed which one is more critical to their hero’s journey: a mentor or an ally?

Some of the Falcons reached the 2nd level in their art challenge. They got an opportunity to walk to the craft store and pick out different items to use for their projects for the next session. For Chocolate Making, the learners had a party where they shared their chocolate creations and advertisements. Their chocolate party was coupled with the ice cream party that the Falcons won for their character call out treasure, and we had a lovely afternoon outside.

For the writer’s workshop, the Falcons finished their peer feedback for their memoirs and revised them. The published version also includes a cover and at least one picture.

On Monday, we had a hero’s visit: Michael Merida came to the studio to tell the Falcons about his hero’s journey as a chef. In addition, Michael showed them the chocolate-making process in his restaurant and gave them some samples to taste.

On Wednesday, we had a field trip to the Data Technology Factory. Moran Barlev gave the learners a tour of the factory. They could see the assembly line, the different stations that create the machines, and even solder by themselves. The Falcons heard about the advantages and challenges of working in a family business, and as always, asked many excellent questions.

Thank you, Michael, Moran, and Yaron, for sharing your story with us.

Tomorrow is the big day. We have our Children’s Business Fair! WE can’t wait to see all the incredible entrepreneurs and their unique ideas.

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