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Discovery: Session 6, Week 1

We have made it to the sixth and final session for this year. The Falcons kicked off the session with this video by Adam Grant about givers and takers. We asked the Falcons to try and identify who they are and what they wish they would be. For Wednesday’s morning launch, the learners had to choose which major event they would share with a man living in a bunker for the last 21 years: creating the iPhone, COVID-19, the US presidents, or the space station. Which event would you choose?

Our quest this session is the Growing Curiosity Quest. The learners that will move to Journey studio next year get an opportunity to create their quest for a week. This week the first two learners made a cooking challenge! They split the studio into three teams, and each team decided which dish they will cook. On Thursday, we all went to Whole Foods to buy the ingredients, and on Friday, we had the cooking competition between the three dished. The Quest was a huge success, and the learners who led it got great feedback from their peers.

Our specials for this session are Art and Wood-Working. This week in art, the learners had a Socratic discussion about taking creative risks and learning how to overcome their failures. In Woodworking, the learners were introduced to all the different steps of creating art out of wood. Their task for this week was to practice sketching and measurements using rulers. Once they accomplished this goal, they had to learn how to saw a block of wood.

For the writer’s workshop, the learners will be writing a poetry book. The learners started by exploring different types of poems and share their opinion about them.

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