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Discovery: Session 6, Week 3

We have made it to Week 3 of this session, and the learners have been working diligently on their projects. On Tuesday, the learners began their end-of-the-year self-reflection; they rated themselves in two sections: Learning to do and learning to be. In the “learning to do” section, the learners will place themselves in categories like understanding instruction, taking responsibility, and setting goals. In the “learning to be” section, the learners will rate themselves in areas like showing kindness, finding joy, and persevering through struggles. As was explained in the email sent to you earlier this week, we will have our final journey meetings for the year on the last week of the session.

On Wednesday, one of the learners led a morning launch about pollution. The learners debated what causes more pollution: natural disasters or man-made products, and who should take responsibility for polluting the ocean.

Our Quest this week was all about Card Counting in BlackJack. The Falcons were hacked into the game and spent so much time and effort learning the basic strategy and rules for counting. If you came to our studio this week, You could have found groups of Falcons play round after round of BlackJack all over the week, practicing math, strategic thinking, and memorizing skills. It was inspiring to watch how one Falcon’s passion led him to create such an engaging Quest for all the learners.

For art, we had a Socratic discussion about Leonardo da Vinci. The falcons were engaged and had various perspectives on how Leonardo da Vinci created his art. Da Vinci believed that it was never complete but only abandoned; the learners discussed why they thought he left his work undone. Our future Journey learners took a trip to Verona this week and tasted what next year could feel like.

For Woodworking, the learners worked hard on Cutting their wood pieces using saw and clamps. Cutting wood may be a challenge; however, the learners have shown no sight of giving up.

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