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Session 1, Week 3

The learner’s of AABC had a fantastic third week! They continued the Survivor Quest where each pair investigated a different part of the water cycle. When the investigation was complete they went outside and created ways to collect clean drinking water.

On Wednesday the learners hiked through the Closter nature center followed by a demonstration on how to make fire using only nature materials . Each student collected dry sticks and leaves to contribute to the fire. On Friday we discussed three truths we know about ourselves that can help us power through tough situations. Some of the responses were “I’m creative, I’m fast, “I’m a good big brother,” and “I’m smart.” Then each student took a survey to see which type of affection they liked best, physical, quality time, acts of kindness, or words of affirmation.

Core Skills continues to be a favorite time for the learners. Not only do they enjoy working at their own pace, but they also enjoy assisting each other when a peer is stuck. They finished the week with a trust walk through a duct tape maze. Each person who entered the maze had to close their eyes and was only guided through with directions from their partner. At the end of the day they enjoyed their board game time, followed by a thorough studio maintenance that earned them their first party!


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