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Session 6, Week 6 (Online Week 15)

It is hard to believe that our school year is over. There has been so much learning

and growing that took place over the last six sessions. This last week featured so

many exciting things including, exhibition planning, finishing up quest projects,

tidying up poems, and a final civilization for the session.

In quest this week the learners finished up their projects for garden quest. For some students this meant putting the final touches on photosynthesis projects and flower models. Other students produced kahoots to teach their peers about a flower of their choice. Each student who finished a kahoot was given the opportunity to share their kahoot during quest launch. After each kahoot the students received feedback on the types of questions in the kahoot and the difficulty of the questions.

As the learners finished up their poems, many of them expressed a newfound interest in poetry. For a lot of them, they learned about poetry in their previous school but in a different form. In these Writer’s Workshops they were able to explore different types of poems on their own and write their poems about whatever topic they chose. A few learners even said that working on poetry in Writer’s Workshop sparked an interest in becoming writer’s later on in life.

The studio wrapped up Civ this week with hearing a story about the beginning of the Roman Empire. They discussed what was better, having a big sprawling empire or having a small empire that lasts for many years. Many of them agreed that it was better to have a smaller empire that could last for many years and would be easier to control.

During a town hall this session, the students voted to take time during the last week of the session to do a practice exhibition. They students agreed that it would help the actual exhibition run much smoother and quicker. On Thursday the learners practiced their poetry and hosting for the end of the session exhibition. In Acton fashion, each learner received feedback on what they should improve for the actual exhibition.

It has been a fun and exciting year. We hope everyone enjoys their summer and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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