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Journey: Session 6, Week 4

Welcome to the fourth week of the sixth session’s Journey Newsletter!

This week in Quest, our main focus was prepping the questions for our interviews with someone over seventy. Stars and stepping stones interviews, they are called, and we asked different types of questions - from their biggest accomplishments to their biggest failures. From these interviews, we can take all of the lessons we have learned and put them into practice in our own lives. This week we also created our vision of life after death posters on what we thought our afterlife would look like. We took what we brainstormed from last week, and this week, we drew that vision.

In Genre this week, we did more than read and reflect on poems. We started off the week by writing stories of our personal lives, of someone or something close to us that we lost. The next day, we wrote obituaries of someone that we found inspiring. It took courage to write about someone who died, but everyone could do it.

Both our Civs this week were about Adam Smith - a man who was considered the father of modern economics and who was the one who came up with the invisible hand idea from last week’s Civs. And if you would like, here are a few questions from our Civs that you might want to answer:

  • Which character traits do you believe are the most important:

    • Courage (like C.S. Lewis believed) because the courage to act as one should lead to all other virtues.

    • Self-discipline (like Smith believed) because morality starts with keeping oneself from doing something wrong.

  • Some believe the poor are more moral than the rich. Do you agree?

  • Does a civilization need most people to be virtuous (ethical, moral) or just a few? Why?

We also had a lot of exciting parts to this week, with not one, but TWO field trips and a tryout who stayed with us in Journey from Monday to Wednesday. The first field trip we had was to a cemetery. It sounded scary to some people, but almost all of Journey decided to be courageous, and it turned out to be a very interesting field trip. The second field trip we had was to a nursing home. Some of us interviewed the elderly while others played games with them.

Overall, this week in Journey Studio was very interesting, informative, and exciting. Thanks for reading!

Written by Journey learner


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