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Journey: Session 6, Week 6

Welcome to the sixth and last Journey newsletter, not just for the session but for the whole year!

At the start of the week, we all prepared for the main event of the session. We created our portfolios for Quest, reflected on this session of Genre, and finalized everything we wanted to share during the exhibition. Our Journey exhibition lasted for half an hour, and during it, we shared our favorite Genre poems and reflections, our Quest portfolios and finished with a Kahoot with trivia questions on the 2022-2023 school year. We also had a school exhibition, where the Sparks danced, Discovery and Journey shared videos, and guides received gifts. The exhibition ended with a graduation ceremony, where those who were graduating read their speeches and got their diplomas.

We finished this week of Genre, Quest, and Civ by compiling our badges. Our badges consist of all of the work we have done throughout the session, and on the sixth week of every session, we compile all of that work into one document. They took a while, but in the end, everyone completed them.

In other news, Journey went on a field trip to a movie theater this week. We watched a movie called Elemental, which we all liked. The theater even had reclining seats! But before that, we had lunch at Bareburger as a result of our hard work. We had been working on creating more positive energy in the studio, and each day we would rate how positive we thought we were that day. We would get a star if we got an average rating of 8.5 or higher. If we were able to get 25 stars, then we would all get Bareburger as our reward. We got 25 stars, and Bareburger was delicious!

To end the year, we celebrated with a party. The council had been working on it for a while, and all three studios participated in it. Our old guide, Siliane, even came back! One of the main events was a color war, where everyone was assigned a color, and whoever wore the same color would be on a team. Everyone got water balloons; if you got hit, you would be out. The last color standing would be the winning team.

Overall, this week was the best ending to an amazing year, one so full of so many beautiful memories, ones we will never forget. For the final time, thanks for reading!

Written by Journey learner

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