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Session 2, Week 1

Session Two is off to a blast! This week the students kicked off the second session with a game of charades. The students had to choose words to perform from a bowl of either “easy,” “medium,” or “hard” to perform while the other students tried to guess the word that they were acting out. Session two also opened with a new addition to our schedule, Civilization. The students take turns listening to each other read “The Story of the World.” The introduction to Civilization focused on the learners understanding what history is and different ways to study it. Some students even shared new things they learned about their family’s history!

The learners also embarked upon a new quest! This session their quest will focus on marine science. In small groups, the students will complete activities all related to marine science. This week the activities were all related to understanding our most plentiful resource on Earth-water! The students learned about waves, currents and discussed what they thought was scariest about the oceans, how big they are, or the natural disasters that can occur in large bodies of water. Each group experimented with currents and waves by filling up a small container of water and placing aluminum balls in the water. Then they took a straw and blew into a water to create a current. Each time this was done, the learners recorded their observations.

During Writer’s Workshop the students began learning about memoirs and how to craft them. Each student brainstormed a list of five or more memories that they have and from that list, picked the four strongest to turn into short stories. They also listened to two memoirs, one that was detailed and descriptive and another that was short and lacking detail. After listening to the memoirs they discussed which one they would like to continue reading and why. Many of them said that they would prefer to read the more descriptive one because it sounded more interesting and had more detail.

Session Two is off to a great start for the learners of AABC!

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