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Session 2, Week 6

This week brought lots of new challenges and experiences to Acton Academy of Bergen County!

In Marine Science Quest, the learners continued to work on their independent research projects. Many of them found innovative ways to display their own learning. One student even chose to build a LEGO model for his final presentation. They also continued to finish up their challenges from previous weeks including their paper mache animals and their coral reefs. During quest launches they have discussed different issues regarding marine life such as, should oil drilling in the ocean be legal? Many of the students argued that it shouldn’t be legal because their was too great a risk for an oil spill that would damage marine life for a long time to come.

On Tuesday they had the opportunity to participate in a woodworking workshop with Eitan’s dad. They first sketched the design of a toy they would like to create and then brought it out to Eitan’s dad for him to cut. Unfortunately, one of the blades on the machine broke, but the workshop will be continued next week! Some of the students sketched out swords while others chose animals or simple shapes like circles to create a face.

The learners have been hard at work preparing a talent show for the Exhibition next week. Some students chose to work together to put together dances and comedy routines while others chose to work alone and practice science experiments and magic tricks.

Our local woods are filled with huts from sticks and twigs. During free time students have been hard at work putting the skills that they learned in Survivor Quest to work. The huts have been a project for many of them for this session.

In Robotics they continued their investigation of buildings and natural disasters. While some students programmed an earthquake simulator, other groups chose a natural disaster and had to build a building that could withstand the effects of that natural disaster. They began working separately and then combined their ideas together. Some of the ideas included a water collection plant that could distribute water during times of drought!.

The week wrapped up with planning of the holiday party for next week and a badge ceremony for two of the learners. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

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