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Session 2, week 7

It is hard to believe that the second session is coming to a close! The last seven weeks have been filled with many adventures and learning for the students of AABC. This week brought more preparation for the talent show, the conclusion of the Marine Science Quest, another opportunity to clean the woods and much much more!

The students closed out Marine Science Quest with a trip to Whole Foods and a fish market. The purpose of the impromptu trip was to study marine life up close! They were able to compare and contrast the fish by looking at their shape, mouth size, eyes and even their teeth. Some of the students were able to touch the fish to get a feeling for the texture of their scales. After the trip we had a discussion about how they felt during the field trip. Some students thought it was really cool while others expressed that they didn’t like it because they don’t think it’s okay to use animals for science or experiments.

During our morning launches the learners discussed the importance of failure and how it helps us. They took a look at famous people such as J.K. Rowling. Oprah, and Serena Williams, all of whom faced great failure at one point in their lives. Many of them didn’t know that these people, many of whom are idols/heros in their lives had faced so much failure. The students discussed how failure is important and how they can use it to grow and put it to the test later that day with more duct tape games!

The students also had the opportunity to finish their woodworking pieces! Before having their wood cut each student had to sketch an idea. Once their sketch was done they took it out to Jeremy to have it cut. After they had their wood cut the students painted designs on their pieces.

On Wednesday they took half an hour out of their day to continue their community service mission of the session to clean the woods. Students determinedly found ways to reach even the most difficult pieces of trash in the woods. Some of them found ways to use long branches and sticks to pull trash out of the Tenakill Creek.

During Writer’s Workshop the learners have been hard at work to polish their memoir books! This session they each picked four memories they had and drafted them into short stories of at least one hundred words. After they finished their draft they peer critiqued it with a partner learned the process of editing and revising. There were many discussions about what it meant to receive feedback and how feedback can make us feel. A lot of students said hearing feedback was hard because it felt like people didn’t like their work. Learning how to take feedback and think of it in a positive way was a huge topic in Writer’s Workshop this session. After the peer review they took their work and rewrote it for publishing!

The students have been hard at work planning this session’s exhibition! This time they decided the exhibition would include a talent show to show the parents. Amongst themselves, they also voted for hosts for the talent show. The hosts worked together to write their own scripts and practice them for the talent show while the other students honed their skills for the show.

We hope all the families have a happy and safe holiday season!

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