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Session 2, Weeks 4 and 5

This week was full of new and exciting events for the AABC learners! 

In Marine Science Quest the students continued working on their independent

research. Some students decided to start from scratch because they felt the

question they were researching wasn’t strong enough. Other students have

started to put together their final project. While some wanted to go a more

traditional route and put together a tri-fold, other students decided to put

together a Google Slides presentation. They also continued working on their

study of deep-sea marine animals. Each group picked a deep-sea animal to study, created it using paper mache and then painted it to make it look more like their animal. 

Despite the snow, the students have still ventured outside during free time! The students are fairly dedicated to where they like to spend free time. One group usually spends the hour in the woods working on building a base with fallen branches. The woods have been decorated with wooden huts and miniature cabins since the survivor quest! Other students like to go to the grass area near the school to play tag or another outdoor games.


On Thursday the students had a felting workshop! They learned the process of

taking wool fibers and mixing them. The mixing required them to lay fibers on

top of a foam mat and wet the fibers with soapy water. When it was wet

enough, they massaged the fibers together under a sheet of bubble wrap. Then

they squeezed the water out of the fibers rolling it in a bamboo mat 400 times!

When the fibers were felted together enough, they shaped their felt pouches by

tossing it back and forth in their hands and rolling it around in a ball. For many

students, this was a challenge because it required time and patience. Some of

the bags at the end of the activity had holes in them and they had to repeat a

few of the steps.

The learners also voted on several ideas during Town Hall. One of the proposed ideas was for every other Friday to be pajama day. This resolution passed with a majority vote!

The week concluded with Board Game Time, and a Badge Ceremony for four of the students, congratulations on their accomplishments!

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