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Session 3, Week 4

The week has been packed with new experiences at Acton Academy of Bergen County. On Tuesday the students had a special Writer’s Workshop. For this workshop they each wrote letters to their new pen pals! During the last session a few learners brought up the idea of having pen pals at another Acton that they could write to. The studio voted and it was unanimously decided that they would have pen pals! Each student was assigned a pen pal from Acton ESTEAM Academy. Half of Writer’s Workshop was spent writing the letters and the other half was spent on a journey to the Closter Post Office where they mailed their letters.

On Thursday the studio had a Hero’s visit from Doug who runs his own marketing studio and production company. The learners had the opportunity to use all types of equipment including a green screen, professional microphones and a professional video camera. During Doug’s visit the students learned all about video production and even recorded their own podcasts. While recording the podcasts they took turns being speakers, audience members, producers, directors, and assistant directors. After they recorded their podcasts they were able to pose in front of the green screen and take a photo as a class.

Launches on Thursday morning’s center around healthy eating and nutrition. This Thursday the learners were able to try different foods such as cabbage, mushrooms, green peppers, green beans, and much more! Some of the vegetables were a big hit! Others, not so much.

In Writer’s Workshop the learners continue to work on their fantasy stories. This week they discussed what they felt was more important to the story, having a magic system that was cohesive and made sense, or having a magic system in the story that was just really cool. A majority of them said they would rather the magic system make sense than be really cool and hard to understand.

Friday wrapped up with another day of architecture quest where the learners began sketching out an initial idea plan for their building. To do this they were each given a set of building codes that laid out requirements each building has to have. Some of the requirements include number doors, windows, bathrooms, and length/height requirements.

The week concluded with board game time and a badge ceremony for one of our learners!

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