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Session 3, Week 6

It is hard to believe that session three is winding down! Our learners however are still in-flight mode. This week included a field trip to a shirt design company, a visit from an architect, and a trip to the Belskie Museum!

The students value their art class but it’s always extra special when they get to

have art class in the Belskie Museum. The museum recently switched

exhibitions so the learners were able to see new pieces of art they could draw

inspiration from. The art class was spent picking a few pieces of art they liked

the most and then picking one piece to sketch for the remainder of the time. 

During Architecture Quest the learners began working on their 3D models of their buildings.  Each group took a large piece of cardboard and cut it into several strips to form the outside of their buildings and the different rooms on the inside. On Friday we had a visit from a landscape designer and an architect who discussed their own hero’s journeys and critiqued their work. The feedback was a great opportunity for the students to draw more inspiration for the finishing touches as they prepare their models and designs for the exhibition next week.

During Drama the students continue to hone their improve skills. The time they chose one line from a hat and had to build a scene off of that line. 

On Thursday the class went on a field trip to Innovative Design located in Closter. During the trip they were able to design their own shirts with patches provided by the company. The students also asked the owner all about running the business. Some of the questions included “how many shirts/designs do you sell in a year?”  “how do you come up with your designs?”

The bad weather on Thursday and Friday didn’t stop the fun! During free time on these days many of the students opted for impromptu karaoke session. The students took turns lyrics of songs or instrumentals onto the TV and singing along or dancing to the music. 

The week closed off with a badge ceremony for one of our learners and a birthday celebration!

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