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Session 3, Week 7

It is hard to believe that the session is over. This week has been full of new experiences for the learners of AABC. From volunteering at an elderly home to visiting an architect’s office in New York City, the students sent session three out with a bang!

This week in architecture quest the focus was all on putting the final touches on

their models. After receiving feedback from a landscape designer and an architect the learners were able to make corrections and additions to their model Actons.

Each group took cardboard strips and hot glued them to the outline they drew on a piece of foam board. After they finished the model, they took clay to create

furniture to decorate their models. While the requirements for each building were

the same, the students found ways to unleash their creativity throughout the design process. 

On Tuesday they students visited Bergen County Health Care Center in Rockleigh, New Jersey. The center is a nursing home and provides care to many people. The students planned on doing Valentine’s Day crafts with them as well as build with Legos. During the visit the students not only helped them with their crafts, but they also connected with them through conversation. One of the women who worked with the Legos said “it reminded her of when she used to build Legos with her son. The students look forward to visiting there again next session.

The highlight of the week for the students was their visit to Curtis+Ginsberg

Architects in New York City.  The class took the bus into the city, which for

many was a completely new experience! Upon arrival in the city the walk

through the Port Authority Bus Terminal to reach the subway where they took

the 2 train down to the Wall Street station. When they arrived at the office the

students were greeted by a sign welcoming them to “Young Architects Day.”

Tamar from the architecture firm gave them a short presentation and then they were able to walk through the office and ask the people who worked at the firm

questions. The firm planned an activity where each student had the opportunity to design a blank facade of a building. These drawings were hung on the conference room walls.

The week wrapped up with three birthday celebrations and of course

the exhibition on Friday!

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