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Session 4, Week 1

It’s been a great first week of the new session at AABC! This week we welcomed two new students to the studio. 

This week the learners embarked upon the Newton’s Laws of Physics Quest. During this quest the students will work in pairs to explore different principles of physics. The focus of the first week was gravity, thrust, and momentum. In teams of two the students build two cars. Each car was built from a cardboard platform

and had bottle caps as wheels. The first car had play-doh weights added

to it to make it go faster. The second car used a balloon as a thruster to

push it down the ramp. Each group tested their cars to see which one

would go farther once it reached the floor. After this they made

modifications to the cars to see if they could do anything to make it go

faster and farther.

In Writer’s Workshop the students kicked off a unit all about podcasting! During

this session the students will research, write out and record their own podcasts.

Throughout the week the learners began by listening to kid friendly podcasts.

For each podcast they listened to they wrote down what they liked about, what

it was about, and how they could use the podcast as inspiration for their own. Next Writer’s Workshop the learner’s will begin brainstorming topics that they would like to research for their podcasts.

On Wednesday the students took a trip to the Closter Library. At the library they

heard from the head librarian who talked with them about what it was like to

work in a library. During the visit they asked lots of questions including “what

inspired her to be a librarian,” “what’s your favorite thing about the job,” and

“how long did it take you to learn to be a librarian?” After their visit they each

checked out books from the library to bring back to the school. 

During morning launch on Thursday, the students took turns cutting vegetables

to put together a salad. Each Thursday they will learn a new cooking skill in

preparation for a cooking challenge at the end of the session. 

Our week wrapped up with board game time and a badge ceremony for one of our students!


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