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Session 5, Week 3 (Online Week 6)

What an eventful week it has been for the learners of AABC! This week they explored the first Olympics held in Ancient Greece, held a virtual town hall, learned how to edit videos, and continued to work on their computer games. In Quest this week the learners continued to explore luck and chance games. Each learner is responsible for creating their own small, one player game, that is based entirely off of luck. Some students created a game with dice where certain numbers would earn you points if you rolled them and the other numbers would lose you points. Other learners took a different approach and crafted their own spinner wheels.

On Friday the Quest launch revolved around different professions in video game design. The students discussed which profession they would rather have, a video game designer, or a video game player. Some argued that designing would be a better option because just playing video doesn’t seem like it would be a good use of time. Other students argued that playing video games professionally required plenty of skills, including hand eye coordination and logic. After the discussion they moved onto GameStar Mechanic where they continued to build their own video games. 

In Writer’s Workshop the learners continue to work on their motivational videos. This week, two students led a launch about video editing. Both students chose different platforms to showcase and step the students through. After their explanations the students were put in charge of two Zoom breakout rooms that allowed them to troubleshoot and help a student with the editing platform they chose to use, without interfering with each other. 

In Civ this week the investigation of Ancient Greece continued! This time they read about the first Olympics. Many of the students were shocked to find out the women were not allowed to compete in the olympics, if they tried to disguise themselves they would be killed! When it came time for the discussion, the students agreed that it was an unfair and silly law the ancient Greeks had in place. One thing it took a while to put in place was town hall. After finishing the last session, without town hall a few students requested that it be adapted to Zoom. This week the learners discussed how to properly charge and utilize the Eagle Buck system while on Zoom. Like everything else, the learners are figuring out ways to bring things from the studio to our online classroom. 

The week wrapped up with a badge ceremony for one of our learners! We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.

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