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Session 5, Week 4 (Online Week 7)

This week has been jam-packed with new adventures for our learners. They explored the concept of historical fiction, designed board games, created their own projects for art, and explored other countries and cultures.

In Quest the students completed their game designer guide and began working on designing their board games. The game designer guide help the students create a framework for their board games and understand how to create a plan before starting a big project. Some students are designing board games that are inspired by other games such as Chutes and Ladders, while others have created board games that they created from top to bottom!  On Friday the learners continued to work on their computer games and test them with people. Once they test the game, they take feedback and change their game according to the feedback they received. Within the video game design aspect of the quest there are two missions. In the first mission, they create a fairly easy game with only a few characters and five levels. The second mission requires them to create a game that is more complicated than the first mission, with more levels and characters.

In Writer’s Workshop the learners began the next mini-project in the unit. For this writing activity everyone writes a story about a character that lives during the COVID-19 quarantine. For launch, they discussed what was more important to historical fiction, being true to history, or having a really cool and fun story to tell. The students also talked about what details they felt would be the most important to get accurate, details about the virus or details about the quarantine and daily life.  Art looked a little bit different this week. Normally there are specific directions for the learners to follow and a video demonstrating what they should do. This time they were allowed to research and pick their own art project to make for Mother’s Day. Some students made paintings while others made bracelets. Since it was a Mother’s Day themed project, many of the students who have siblings decided to pair up with their siblings for the project.  Each week the students have completed an “AABC Challenge.” This week’s challenge was to pick a country and research different facts about that country. Once the research was completed the students wrote down ten questions about that country and put them in a Kahoot to share with other people. 

The week wrapped up with a read aloud and a very exciting Eagle Buck store for our learners! We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.


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