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Session 5, Week 5 (Online Week 8)

It is hard to believe that the fifth session is almost over! This week the students embarked on adventures full of website design, working on board games and learning about the Medes and the Persians.

Quest this week was all about the board games. The learners continued to conceptualize and develop their board games. Some of the games include maps, dice, and books. Students are drawing inspiration from all types of mediums such as other board games, computer games and literature. When they finish their games the students must find someone to play their game with and receive feedback and change their game according to the feedback that they received.

On Friday they continued to build their computer games, but first they played a studiomate’s game for launch! This allowed the student who created the game to receive multiple feedbacks. Each student will have the opportunity to receive feedback from a studiomate and change their video game to make it their best work. 

In Writer’s Workshop the learners began the process of designing their website. Each student will create a website using google sites to showcase their work for Writer’s Workshop. The website will include their letter to their future grandchild, their video on how to stay happy and healthy during the quarantine, and their story. The students are using Google Sites for the website design(all websites will have restricted access, only those who have been sent the link can access it.) Through watching tutorial videos the students learned how to import text files into their and pictures into their website as well as change the fonts and backgrounds of the pages. 

In Civilization this week students learned about Cyrus the Great who ruled over Media and Persia. Cyrus stands out in history because instead of being violent and vicious towards the people of the lands he conquered, he treated them with kindness. This lead to a discussion about was it better to be kind, or rule with an iron fist, and a second discussion what would the ramifications be if a ruler was too kind?

For AABC Challenges the learners continued to work on their country Kahoots. Some students chose to catch up on their Writer’s Workshop and Quest projects. This week also had two field trips via Zoom, one all about rocks and geology and the other about Carnivorous plants!

The week wrapped up with a badge ceremony for one of our learners! We hope you and your family are staying healthy and happy during this time.

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