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Session 6, Week 1 (Online Week 10)

It is hard to believe that we have entered the last session of the school year! This session the learners are embarking upon a gardening quest where they will learn all about plants, how they grow, and the many ways to use them. In Writer’s Workshop, they are starting a poetry unit that will end with them writing and publishing three of their own poems.

This week also brought on tough conversations during launches with topics such as racism, growth mindset, and elements of a learner driven community.


This week kicked off a new quest for the last session. On Monday the students spent time learning and researching all about plant cells. After their research,

each learner made their own model of a plant cell. Some chose to make 3D models with clay, pipe cleaners, and bubble wrap. Others chose to make their

models using only glue and construction paper for a two dimensional product. Wednesday brought on the challenge of planting seeds and writing a hypothesis

about how they would grow. One seed was planted and put in a sunny area and the other seed was put in a dark place. The students wrote down what they thought would happen to each seed. On Friday they learned more about

plant structures and created models of plants and labeled each part. Just as with the first activity, some students chose to do 3D models and others chose to do 2D. 

In Writer’s Workshop the students began learning about poetry. On the first day of the unit, each student went on their own mission to discover what they thought the true definition of poetry is. They listened to poets speak and read poems by children. Many of the students came to the conclusion that poetry “is a way to express yourself and your ideas in a different style of writing.” Students shared some of their favorite poems from the day along with their definitions of poetry. On Thursday the learners dove deep into the concept of metaphors and even wrote some of their own! 

On Monday, the students had an AABC challenge prior to score skills. The challenge was to create a sign or chalk drawing to support the end of racism.

They took half an hour to create the signs and share them with the rest of the studio. During our launch that day, we had a discussion about what it

means to be an ally to those who face discrimination, and how to best help those people who face injustice.

The week wrapped up with a badge ceremony for many of our students, Congratulations to them and their success!

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