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Session 6, Week 3 (Online Week 12)

It has been a week of exploring and fun for the learners at AABC! The days have

been filled with exploring their inner poets, discussing and studying where our food comes from, and tackling tough questions in morning launch.

In Quest this week the learners took a closer look at what goes into the food that we eat. On Monday they constructed their own compost bins using soda bottles, scraps of paper, dirt and food scraps. This activity was paired with a discussion about how much food Americans waste on a daily basis. Creating the compost bins gave them an alternative to just throwing out food scraps and making sure every piece of food goes to use. Wednesday’s activity allowed them to explore how water moves through a plant. Each learner filled cups with water and food

dye and then placed a stalk of celery in each cup. In a matter of hours, the celery stalks went from green to red, blue, and orange! On Friday they discussed whether or not pesticides were necessary to maintain farms and created a sprout house from sponges, toothpicks, and seeds.

In Writer’s Workshop each learner wrote two different types of poems. This week

the focus was on limericks and free verse poems. A majority of the students enjoyed writing limericks because of their humorous nature. The free verse poems were a little more challenging because there were no rules and guidelines for them to follow. For inspiration the learners listened to different free verse poems to gain a feel for what they could sound like. 

In Civilization the learners heard stories about Alexander the Great and his quest to conquer all of Greece and the Persian Empire. After listening to the reading the

learners discussed whether or not soldiers had the right to mutiny or abandon their general if their general was being “land greedy” and losing many lives in his army. Many of the students said that it would be fair for soldiers to leave their general because he was being greedy and not caring about the lives of their soldiers.

We hope you and your family are having a safe and happy week!

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