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Spark: Session 2, Week 1

Welcome back to Acton Bergen! We've had an energized week, bursting with fun and learning. On our first day back, the Sparks Tribe showed their empathetic side in our "Acton Kindness Scenario Launch". It was inspiring to see each Spark step into different shoes, demonstrating what they would say or do in various situations to spread kindness. Their responses were truly refreshing.

Tuesday was filled with Spook-tacular Halloween activities! The Sparks not only partook in classic traditions like pumpkin carving and hat making but also strutted their spooky stuff in a costume show with the rest of the school. It was a great chance to show off their creativity!

Wednesday was no less eventful as we conducted our vote for potential town council members. The Sparks are taking democracy seriously! Following the vote, we switched into deliberations about the Studio Contract. Advocacy, understanding, and compromise will be key, as every rule has to be mutually agreed upon. The process will continue until they come to an agreement.

On Thursday, we revisited our "feelings" launch. Sparks painted their emotions brightly, sketching characters expressing various sentiments. The accompanying "feelings cards" game was a hit, too!

Fridays are no longer plain – they are now Talent Show Fridays! The Sparks proposed their talents for upcoming shows, whether solo or in groups. We look forward to our first acts next week!

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